1. Online Courses

1.1 What are the differences between Online Courses and Courses for Teacher Training?
The topics of both Courses are basically the same. Online Courses are designed for individual learners. Courses for Teacher Training focus on supporting STEM or non-STEM teachers in teaching STEM programs. A student e-book of the specific topic and teacher’s notes in the pdf format will be included in the Teacher Training.

1.2 If I am an individual learner, which courses should I take?
You may take the Online Courses. Just simply click on any courses according to your interest.  You may also take note of the Length of video and Level of difficulty when choosing appropriate courses. Add the courses to Cart and enjoy learning with fun!

1.3 What are the differences among Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 robotics courses?
The different levels of robotics courses are designed to meet the knowledge frameworks required for the structured and certified curricula so that learners would be able to fulfil the knowledge requirements of the accredited qualifications.

1.4 What are the purpose of the Study Path? Shall I follow?
It provides a road map for studying STEM in a structured manner. Yes, we recommend STEM learners to follow the Study Path to plan their learning and understand their progress.

1.5 What is “Course access” after paying for the online courses?
Learners can access the purchased courses unlimited in a year.

2. Schools

2.1 If I am a STEM teacher (or a non-STEM teacher), which courses should I take?
Please visit Teacher Training under For Schools. Then you will see courses for teacher training which are suitable for you. If you need Tailor-made Programs to meet the specific needs of your school or students, please send us a Request for Quotation.

2.2 What should we do if we are interested in teaching your STEM programs in our school?
If teachers wish to teach our STEM programs at schools, they can purchase a license from us.  Please send us a Request for Quotation.

2.3 Any face-to-face teacher training program?
Yes. Please send us a Request for Quotation.

3. Shop

3.1 Is the “Discovery STEM Kit set” necessary for learning robotics courses?
The Discovery STEM Kit set is open-source and reusable. Learners can make use of it to build any AI models or prototypes.

3.2 Do I need to buy an “e-Book” when taking an online course?
All e-books are designed by the collaborating efforts between The Education University of Hong Kong and the Alpha STEM Education Ltd.  Learners are recommended to use e-books for more effective robotics learning. E-books consist of exercises and case studies to enhance students’ learning effectiveness.

3.3 Who should buy the “Idea-X Engineering Display Wall” and what is it?
The Idea-X Engineering Display Wall is designed for schools / universities which would teach students the state of arts of engineering. It comprises of 24 different sets of transmission assemblies. The 24 transmission case models can be displayed on fixed wall or movable billboards. Students can learn different kinds of engineering structure built on Idea-X smart hardware which may inspire their robotics design.

3.4 Is product delivery free of charge?
Free product delivery if EF Lockers address in Hong Kong is provided. Otherwise, shipping/delivery fee will be applied. Shipping/delivery fee quotations will be provided for clients’ reference. 

4. Accredited Qualifications

4.1 Are your robotics courses accredited?
Yes, we provide a structured STEM curriculum which is accredited by the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) and is designed for students aged from 8 to 18. 

4.2 What are the robotics courses to do with the “National Youth Robotic Technology Examination”?
Students can enroll for the Level 1 to 8 “National Youth Robotic Technology Examination” after completing each level of our robotics courses. This certificate is nationally and internationally recognized. 

4.3 Is enrollment for the “National Youth Robotic Technology Examination” mandatory? 
No, it is optional, depending on the leaner’s own decision. .