About Us

We aim to help our children to be in touch with STEM at an early age and to equip them for future challenges and opportunities.

Our team members have extensive STEM teaching experience in higher education and are passionate about accelerating the pace of STEM education in Hong Kong particularly in the primary sector.

Recognizing the missing piece of STEM education, a structured curriculum, we bring in an organized curriculum that is recognized by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and is widely adopted by schools in the Mainland. Students can learn STEM step-by-step to understand the intricate knowledge. In addition, through teacher training, we hope to make STEM for all teachers a reality.

Our Missions

Education for the Future

We aim to help our children to be in touch with STEM at an early age and to equip them for the future challenges and opportunities.

Our Goals


To promote a systematic and accredited STEM curriculum

To help teachers to deliver STEM programmes effectively

To unleash children's potential in STEM disciplines

To equip children for the future challenges and opportunities

To develop children’s soft skills to build a positive self-identity

To reinforce humanity and ethics in STEM education

Our Honorary Consultants

Dr. Peter Z.H. Wan

An internationally well-known scholar of STEM learning, who is now working in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Education University of Hong Kong. In the past twenty years, Dr. Wan has conducted extensive research on STEM education and high-order thinking.

His works have been published in a large number of prestigious international journals, including Science Education, Studies in Science Education, Research in Science Education, International Journal of Science Education, Science & Education, Thinking Skills & Creativity, Teaching in Higher Education, and etc. Since 2019, he is the chair of the committee of STEM education, the Pan-Pacific Association of Educational Research.

Alpha STEM Educaiton - Ms Grace Li Chan Kuen

Ms Grace Li Chan Kuen

An enthusiastic science teacher. Ms Li served in St. Mark’s School for 33 years and was the author of the most popular Physics exercise book. After her retirement, she was an administrator in Foshan to run GCE courses. Currently, she is still actively serving in Hong Kong and Foshan.

Alpha STEM Education - Dr. Fung Sui Leung Walter

Dr. Fung Sui Leung Walter

Joined the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2011. His research interest is specially on Innovation and entrepreneurship, Information Security Management, Knowledge Management, Computer Simulation, IT and Logistics, Technology and Social Science.  Dr. Fung has over 20 years working experience for various international companies in charging domestic and international infrastructure, information & risk security and general IS management in pacific areas.