For young children under 5

For younger children, we focus on building their muscle strength and coordination skills through block building activities. We also start introducing simple theories of mechanics, for example: the use of gearwheels, to make the models more lively and fun. The activities designed for young children would be interactive and fun, therefore children would be fully engaged in the process and learning targets should be achieved while they are playing happily in the class.

For STEM beginners 6 or Above

For children aged 6 or above, we provide smaller parts and would introduce the features and functions of each part. Beginners can follow our instructions on building models that demonstrate different theories of mechanics. Knowledges and experiences accumulated from the classes would make the children more capable of blending their know-how on building and theories of mechanics for creating their own design. We would also introduce coding to the children, so they can use our special program for writing the codes to make their model responsive. Children's logical thinking and formula writing would be trained during the coding classes, and this would be the 1st step that prepares the children for further learning on more IT subjects like coding, big data, AI applications, etc.

For STEM experts

For student well versed with STEM knowledges, they can perfectly integrate the theories of science, technology, engineering and mathematics on their creation. Complicated robotic designs and the use of AI technologies would not be a difficult task to the childrens anymore.

SCraino - coding program designed for STEM learning

Scraino is a specially designed program for STEM learning. This is a simplified coding program developed out of Scratch, making coding more fun and easy for young children.