We are the exclusive agent in Hong Kong for IDEA-X, a set of comprehensive materials for STEM education and industrial prototype development, supported by an open source code writing software, named SCRAINO, specially designed for kids’ learning. In the Mainland China, there are already over 11,000 primary/secondary schools and also some Colleges or Universities are using IDEA-X and SCRAINO for their STEM curriculums and competitions. The curriculums and textbooks developed by our headquarter in Northern China have been recognized and recommended by the Government entities in several provinces. 
STEM education is growing fast across the border, so it’s critical now how we could speed up the penetration of STEM education in Hong Kong. We believe that Hong Kong students are capable of achieving more if the right resources can be put in the right places for them.

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School Partnership


Material Supplies 

-Bulk supplies to schools

-Retail supplies to students

-Retail toy set supplies

-Gift set supplies for events


STEM Programs 
-STEM curriculum for the age of 4-18

-Tailor-made programmes


STEM Educator Training 

-STEM education seminar  

-1-5 day workshop  

-STEM Educator Certificate Programme 


STEM Education Resources 

-Well-trained teaching assistant 

-Certified STEM teacher 


Organizing Events 

-STEM study camp  



-Private event

-Student exchange


Consultancy Services 

-Robotics competition 

-Grant application 

-STEM implementation  

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