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IDEA-X parts include more than 150 types and 10,000 pieces of building blocks and a variety of special mechanical parts & sensors. They can be assembled and spliced with appropriate mechanical transmission to form robotic models which are able to perform structural features and practical functions. 

Open Source Hardware

With the Nano Controller, one will find coding is easily transferred to robotics.  Sensors with different functions are able to be connected to robotic models. Robotic models can be configured with online or offline interactive modes. 

SCRAINO - Graphical Coding Software

Scraino is an open-sourced coding software.  Users can operate it without prior knowledge of programming scripts or the use of keyboard.  As long as they understand basic logic, they can drag & drop the graphical instruction modular to the editing bar. Coding becomes easy for all ages. 

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Key Features of IDEA-X


Robotics – They are made by functional components and equipped with sensors and utilize code to perform certain functions or achieve predetermined objectives. 


Sensors – Sensors include motors, RGB, control panel, light / sound / ultrasonic / cruising sensors, buzzer, LED, data cable, etc.  They receive and analyze data to provide instructions for actions. 


Scraino – A coding software acts as the brain of the system adding support to Arduino open-sourced hardware and enable Human-Computer Interaction

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Features of Scraino

Scraino adds support to Arduino open-sourced hardware, and translates Arduino program statements into independent scripts. Not only do building blocks realize the interaction between the software and the hardware, but they also generate C++ language code in real time. The code is transferred into the controller to enable the development of hardware devices and offline control. 

IDEA-X helps students to produce prototypes more easily!


In the past, students might need to fabricate or get customized parts by 3D printing or hand tools in order to build self-designed robotics. Alpha-STEM provides a total solution for them. By using IDEA-X, no fabrication and hand tools are required in making prototypes from now on!  The benefits include saving time and cost, cutting failure rate and shortening the learning curve.  It speeds up the process of prototyping and product innovation. 

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School Partnership

We offer tailored service as a partner to schools, teachers and students, for the aim of making STEM education easy and fun.