About us
  • We are a group of educators and IT specialists with diverse expertise, who are passionate about promoting  systematic STEM education in Hong Kong.

  • We believe students learn in an environment that encourages them to think, discover, create, collaborate and share with others.

  • We  help our future generation to be in touch with STEM at an early age and to equip them for challenges in the 21st century.

Our Mission:

  • To equip our kids to build a better future

Our Goals:

  • To promote STEM education in Hong Kong.

  • To help schools and institutions to develop a STEM curriculum and teaching materials.

  • To unleash children's potential in STEM disciplines.

  • To equip children for future challenges and opportunities.

  • To develop children’s soft skills to build a positive self-identity.

  • To reinforce humanity and ethics in STEM education.

Our Programs:

  • •Our programmes provided all-rounded training in both coding and model construction so students could utilize the skills and knowledge in new invention. 

  • •We empower children to expand their unlimited creativity in the course of learning through a project-based learning approach. 

  • •Our curriculum is well-organised and structured in a way that enable students to learn progressively.

  • •Our programmes cater students from the age of 4 to 18.